Information on Sugaring

 Sugar is 100% All Natural made with Sugar, Lemon Juice, And Water. 

What Is Body Sugaring? 
Body sugaring originated in Egypt, used by Cleopatra because of the successful hair removal and soft/clean feeling after. With the skin care industry seeking more organic methods of hair removal "sugaring"
has gained popularity as a more natural, effective, and gentle way to remove unwanted hair.  



What Are The Benefits Of Body Sugaring? 

-Sugaring is less painful than traditional waxing.
-100% All Natural, safe and effective.
-Skin will be left smoother. 
-Extracts shorter hairs than wax (1/8").
-No Waiting for unsightly hair growth.
-Significant finer re-growth and reduction of growth. 
-Great for sensitive skin! 

Natural bikini & brazilian hair removal
Bikini and Brazilian hair removal

Sugar Vs. Wax


1. Sugar paste is never hot so it will never burn 


2. Hair can be removed at 1/8" 

No waiting for un-slightly growth between treatments. 


3. Sugar is a powrful anti-bacterial. Bacteria does not survive in sugar.


4. Great for sensitive skin, and sensitive areas of hair removal. 


5. Skin feels soft and clean after hair removal. 


6. Earlier refinement in hair texture, with slower re-growth. 


1. Wax is hot and so the chances of burning your skin is often 


2. Hair needs to have un-slightly growth in order to work well. 


3. Bacteria thrives in wax. 

4. Wax is all chemical.  It takes a chemical solvent to remove wax from waxing equipment.  Imagine thats what is on your skin! 

5. Wax can damages fine tissue and take skin off. 


6. More broken hairs due to pulling in the opposite direction of natural growth. 

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